Overheard in Minneapolis: Hard Times

I usually mind my own business at a coffee shop but these people were having the most outrageous and amazing conversation at Hard Times that I just had to record it.

“So we went to our guy that was there, I met before, and he let us stay with MTV and the playboy bunnies in a suite that night. We partied with these playboy bunnies and MTV crew and everything. There was a hot tub and everything. That was just one night, he thought that story was awesome. He said no I could swing a deal with a crackhole hotel down the street in the middle of nowhere for $900 for all of us to stay the whole week. So we paid them $900 and we all got to go. We made him pay for all our booze and party passes. And he sold his computer for this.

So we ended up having a way better time because there were no rules and no security guards. To even get past the first security guard this one had no security and nothing.  Our pictures our parties and our stories. The playboy girls liked us we partied with them VIP. Trish came up and visited, she was on the Real World Cancun. She wasn’t on it exactly, she was one of the ones that the guys tried to hookup with her. Luke hooked up with her. She brought all her friends over and we got all VIP for all this. We had so much more fun getting kicked out of the all exclusive vacation.

We all got bed bugs and bites all over.”

“Screw Cancun I’ve never been to Mexico.”

“I never want to go back to Cancun ever again.”

“It’s just overpriced.”

And then they headed out onto a snowy Riverside Ave.